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Joy in words and joy on the faces (Szaniszló)

The source of joy is God himself. To share this joy with as many people as possible, people are needed with devoted life.

We are very grateful for the financial support of the Gypsy Missions Foundation Netherlands. As a result of this support we have a fantastic and successful After School program run by our Foundation in Szaniszló (Sanislău). Here is the a report written by the program leader and supported by photos:

After School in Szaniszló 2018

The school year of 2017/2018 started with a full house in Szaniszló. The After School program actually started with 30 children in two groups. We have been loyal to the previous years’ schedule because the practice proved that the program is working well.

Our daily routine begins with prayer, and then we have lunch. After lunch learning begins, also homework writing, math exercises, reading, studying. Then the waited break time is coming.

After the break, there are free activities, like drawing, plasticine, origami, sticking. But the game can’t stay out of our lives. Sport, logic games, tongue breaks, and colouring also are in our program. But we also pay attention to the season and the holidays, teaching songs, poems, short stories to our children accordingly. Every Friday, Bible classes can deepen the children’s faith and they gain new knowledge about the Bible. Studying the books of the Bible and singing is always a great joy for them.

We had the “Santa Claus visit” and some other fun in early December, but the real celebration that we were very pleased to have was a remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ.

We were delighted with the autumn leaves, the first snowfall, the arrival of the gift boxes, and the visit of our Dutch, Hungarian and domestic guests who are supporting our program. Without them this program would not work, so we – children and adults – are very grateful.

The pictures prove everything.
Szaniszló After School: Mónika Chivu, Éva Szalontai and Ilona Varga.

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