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Het verhaal van János Milák

My name is János Milák, I am ten years old and I live i n Gálospetri with my five siblings, my mom and my dad. I am going to this after – school in Gálospetri for the fourth year . I love it very much . Here I started the first class and I’m already in my fourth. I’m so sorry that this school year I finish it, and from next year I have to leave the school and also the teacher.

I like to go to this “ afternoon school ” because I’m always learning a lot and I can do my homework. The t eacher is very kind and always find out something interesting to us. I’m glad that I learned to read and write. If I did not go to this school, it would be much more difficult . M y older brother f or example, still could not read and write.

Sometimes we also go out with the teacher to make excursion, when we feel very good and we laugh a lot. We eat every day very tasty meal , and we have even dessert at the end of the daywhich we are delighted with. I’m really happy when Dutch guests come to us because they are always very nice and funny. I also like that we are praying a lot, and we learn beautiful stories from the Bible.

If I could not go to this school, I’d just have to study alone, what I do not like. Without the “after school ” I certainly would have a lot of difficulties in the state school. I think I’d be a lot dirty, I would not pay attention to how I look, because I do not go anywhere.

I think I will remember a lot of things I learned here when I’ll be adult. I got to know a lot of interesting things, even what they did not tell at state school. When I grow up I will not be silly and it will account much, because the people will not mock and I will easily get work.

Thank you that I can go to this after school ! It would be very bad to learn alone !

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